Tahiti's islands are filled with great dining options from chic and elegant restaurants to local and casual eateries.  Thefollowing restaurants are suggestions for dining outside of the hotelsand resorts. There are many more restaurants to choose from throughoutthe islands!

Dining in Tahiti

From Chinese to French, American to Japanese, and Polynesian to Italian, the island of Tahiti itself offers quite a diverse selection of cuisine.

Mango Café
French Gastronomy in a colorful modern setting. Live entertainment on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Le Mandarin
Great Chinese food! One of their specialties is Crevettes au sel (Shrimp fried with salt).

Restaurant Jimmy
If you are craving some Asian food, Restaurant Jimmy is the ideal place for you! From Thai, Vietnamese, to Chinese specialties, this restaurant will soon become one of your favorites.

Lou Pescadou- Pizzeria
Delicious Pizza, right out of Italy. This is a fun place, comfortable, relaxing, good house wine.

L'O å la Bouche
French with a Tahitian splash..., but mostly French. The location ois not too desirable, right in Downtown Papeete, but once you are inside the restaurant, they do have a great ambience

Le Belvédere
French...very French...up the mountain with gorgeous views and some great wines. A French cuisine specializing in fondues.

Casablanca Cocktail Restaurant
This casual restaurant is very popular with local residents, especially on Weekends. They offer a variety of dishes, from couscous to local seafood, such as shrimp in banana and curry sauce.

Le Rubis
This restaurant offers traditional French-Tahitian specialties and has an elegant garden ambience. The Chef, who goes by the nickname Acajou "the Turtle," helps you out by suggesting a match for each menu item.

Auberge du Pacific

This lagoonside restaurant has been among Tahiti's finest since 1974. The restaurant offers a unique blend of French and Tahitian styles of cooking.

Captain Bligh Restaurant and Bar
This French restaurant offers the most unusual restaurant settings; this large thatch-roofed building extends over the lagoon. The specialties of the house are grilled steaks and lobster, and other delicious seafood dishes.

L'Api' zzeria
This restaurant in a grove of trees across from the waterfront has been serving very good pizza and pasta for many years. If you eat there, ask for a table outside under the trees rather than inside.

Les Roulottes - On the waterfront
This area has recently been completely renovated and looks wonderful. The roulottes or dining cars, offer a variety of food.

Dining in Moorea

The island of Moorea has a simpler, local variety of cuisine. Each of the restaurants may have a French or Chinese flair, but also definitely have a pinch of Tahitian in each of their dishes.

Te Honu Iti
Classic French restaurant. Great food with a mix of local cuisine. Gorgeous views of Cook's bay in a nice and local environment.

Tiki Village Theatre
On Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, Tiki Village offers a Tahitian feast, hima'a, and a Tahitian show.

This restaurant features wonderful French and Italian dishes. The pizza is very much appreciated for its famous sweet tomato sauce.

Chez Jean Pierre
Everything is fresh and tasty chez Jean Pierre. You can try some very good Chinese-style poisson cru and chicken with sweet Moorea pineapple.

Les Tipaniers
Located on the other side of the island, like Le Bateau, Les Tipaniers is also a small hotel. The restaurant sits beachfront, with breathtaking views of the ocean and a small motu (islet) nearby.

Le Mahogany
This restaurant features a perfect blend of French and Chinese food. It is a favorite among local expatriates who appreciate value and friendly service. The Cantonese main courses are to die for.

Les Nouveaux Mondes
If you are fond of French cuisine, you should definitely give this place a try. The shrimp in coconut curry sauce is among the best in the islands, or you can opt for a slab of fresh fish or a huge bone-in rib eye steak with a choice of traditional French sauces.

Dining in Bora Bora

Bora Bora also has a mixture of international cuisine. The restaurants at each of the properties are excellent; there are only a handful of independent restaurants on the island.

Bloody Mary's
One of Bora's signature meals is at Bloody Mary's. With a great bar, ceiling fans, sandy floor, tables and benches made from coconut and an incredible choice of fresh seafood. You get to pick your own catch of the day out of a selection of local favorites.

Bamboo House
That is exactly what this place is: A bamboo house! The menu depends on what seafood is caught in local waters but usually features parrotfish, tuna, marlin, shark and shrimp, all well prepared in French sauces.

La Bounty
This casual restaurant is located on the island's most beautiful beach, the Matira Beach, and features a wonderful French-Italian cuisine. This place has been providing some the island's best pizza and other reasonably prices Italian and French fare since 1993.

Matira Bar and Restaurant
This funky local Bar & Restaurant features Cantonese food. Everything is prepared with Hakka overtones, as the first immigrants to Tahiti came from the Hakka region of China. The duck is fantastic!

Villa Mahana
Serving a Mediterranean cuisine with an olive oil base, also specializing in local cuisine and French-Polynesian fusion.

Dining in Huahine & Other Islands
in French Polynesia

Chez Guinette
Have breakfast or Lunch at Chez Guinette while staying in Huahine! Mary and Moe, the owners of this friendly hostel, offer great casual food such as salad, sandwiches, burgers, or poisson cru on their street-side patio, as well as wine and beer. It is the best place in Fare to slake a thirst and get into a great conversation - In English!

Snack Te Manava
Madame Edna Flohr, a Huahine native, serves many island favorites at her little restaurant beside the lagoon at the north end of the wharf. Her poisson cru, grilled mahi mahi with French sauces, and shrimp with coconut curry sauce are all filling, but the quality does not match the great view.

Raiatea and Taha'a
Brasserie Maraamu
Before it moved into the Gare Maritime, this restaurant occupied the waterfront shack and was widely known for its simple but good Chinese dishes, poisson cru, and fried chicken and steaks served with French Fries. This is also the best place in town for breakfast!

Restaurant Quai des Pecheurs
Robert Cazenave, one of French Polynesia's top hotel managers, has given up hotel business and turned this casual restaurant into Raiatea's best place to dine. Robert's cuisine features wonderful French country-style dishes such as pork stewed in a red wine sauce with bacon. Do not miss the Tahitian dance show on Saturday nights!

Seahorse Restaurant
You can either dine outside on the plaza or inside, where tropical furniture and linen tablecloths set a refined but casual and relaxed ambience for very good Chinese cuisine. Check the special board for today's fish selections!

Snack Moemoea
This older corner storefront has tables both outside on the sidewalk and inside on the ground floor or on a mezzanine platform. It is definitely a good place for breakfast, from croissants to omelets. The lunch menu features "casse-croute" sandwiches, fine burgers, grilled fish and steaks, and excellent poisson cru.

Vaimario Restaurant and Pizzeria
One-person and large pizzas are the highlights at this restaurant in a thatch-roof house just west of the airport. You can dine inside but preferable tables are on the coral-floor veranda. The best main courses are grilled fresh fish with vanilla, coconut, or orange and ginger sauces.

Don't forget Le Dolfin Gourmand Restaurantat Les Relais de Josephine on Rangiroa!

Restaurants in the Islands of Tahiti

Restaurants - Asian Cuisine
Bora Bora
› Le Panda D'Or (689)
Brasserie Mara'Amu  (689)
› Jade Garden (689)
› Tiare Hinano (689)
Aux Deux Dragons  (689)
Chez Jeannine (Pension)  (689)
Chez Jimmy  (689)
› Comptoir D'Asie (689)
La Saigonnaise  (689)
› Le Cheval D'Or (689)
› Le Dahlia (689)
Le Feng Shui  (689)
Le Mandarin  (689)
› Linda (689) /
› Ocean (689)
› Pitate Mamao (689)
Sushi Bar  (689)
Te Hoa Pirae  (689)
› Tiare Anani (689)

Restaurants - French & International Cuisine
Bora Bora
Aloe Café  (689)
Bloody Mary's  (689)
Bora Bora Yacht Club  (689)
La Villa Mahana  (689)
Le Matira Beach  (689)
Le St. James  (689)
Mai Kai Marina & Yacht Club  (689)
Tabu Bar  (689)
Te Pahu  (689)
The Lucky House - Fare Manuia  (689)
Restaurant Havaiki Fakarava Pearl Guest House  (689)
Chez Tara  (689)
Le Restaurant Du Relais Mahana  (689)
Les Dauphins  (689)
Restaurant Enite  (689)
Restaurant Papahani  (689) /
Restaurant Tarona  (689)
› Coco D'Isle (689)
Fare Nui  (689)
Fare Vai Moana  (689)
Holy Steak House  (689)
Hotel Restaurant Les Tipaniers  (689)
Kaveka  (689)
La Plantation  (689)
L'Ananas Bleu  (689)
Le Papayer  (689)
Mahogany  (689)
Mayflower  (689)
Painapo Beach  (689)
Restaurant Arii Vahine  (689)
Rotui Grill & Bar  (689)
› Te Honu Iti (689)
The Club House  (689)
Nuku Hiva
Restaurant Moana Nui  (689)
› Chez Michele (689)
Club House  (689)
Hotel Atiapiti  (689)
La Voile D’Or  (689)
› Moemoea (689)
› Chez Auguste (689)
Le Dauphin Gourmand  (689)
Raira Lagon  (689)
Le Ficus  (689)
Taha'a Maitai  (689)
› Au Piment Rouge (689)
Blue Banana  (689)
Cafe Koké  (689)
Chez Loula & Remy  (689)
› Chez Myriam (689) /
Chez Remy  (689)
Coco'S  (689)
Hiti Mahana  (689)
Hui Popo Club House  (689)
› La Brasserie Des Remparts (689)
La Corbeille D'Eau  (689)
La Petite Auberge  (689)
La Plage De Maui  (689) /
La Plantation  (689)
› La Saladelle (689)
La Villa Tahiti  (689)
› L'Agora (689)
Le Barramundi  (689)
› Le Bouchon Lyonnais (689)
› Le Captain Bligh (689)
Le Carre  (689)
Le Casa Bianca  (689)
Le Cigalon  (689)
› Le Grillardin (689)
Le Lion D'Or  (689)
Le Lotus  (689)
Le Manava Café  (689)
› Le Manukau (689)
Le Montana  (689)
› Le Rétro (689)
Le Royal Tahitien  (689)
Le Zen Café  (689)
L'Eden Park  (689)
Les 3 Brasseurs  (689)
› L'Excuse (689)
L'O A La Bouche  (689)
L'Oasis Du Vaima  (689)
Lycée Hôtelier De Tahiti  (689) /
Mango Cafe  (689)
Moon Ray  (689)
Morrison'S Cafe  (689)
Ô Restaurant  (689) /
Pink Coconut  (689)
› Restaurant La Romana (689)
› Restaurant Musee Gauguin (689)
Restaurant Patachoux  (689)
Restaurant Star Studio  (689)
Restaurant Taumatai  (689)
Restaurant Terre-Mer  (689)
Restaurant Ute Ute  (689)
Restaurant Velvet  (689)
› Restaurant-Snack Du Jardin Botanique (689)
› Royal Kikiriri (689)
Tiare  (689)
Vahinerii Tea House  (689)
West Coast  (689)
› White Restaurant (689)
Restaurant Vaiteanui  (689)
Ua Huka
Chez Alexis  (689)
› Chez Maurice & Delphine (689)
Ua Pou
Vehine Hou  (689)

Restaurants - Italian Cuisine
Bora Bora
Blue Coco Bora Bora  (689)
› Haamene Pizza (689)
Allo Pizza  (689)
› Le Motu Pizza Grill (689)
› Pizza Daniel (689)
Le Napoli  (689)
Ma'a Viti Pizza Taha'a  (689)
Coté Jardin  (689) /
› La Squadra (689)
L'Api'Zzeria  (689)
› Lou Pescadou (689)

Restaurants - Local Cuisine
Hiva Oa
› Hoa Nui (689)
Relais Moehau  (689)
› Snack Makemake (689)
› New Te Marara (689)
Restaurant Tehina  (689)
› Maupiti Pique-Nique (689)
Restaurant Maupiti Village  (689) /
› Irene Restaurant (689)
Restaurant Rudy'S  (689)
Nuku Hiva
He'E Tai Inn  (689)
Hinako Nui  (689)
› Snack Chez Paulette (689)
› Snack Chez Tetua (689)
› Chez Louise (689)
› Market Coffee (689)
Mara'Ai  (689)
Ua Huka
› Auberge Hitikau (689)

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