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Around all of the islands of Tahiti, dramatic views continue below the water. Divers and snorkelers are amazed by the density of large marine life. Regular encounters include manta rays whose gigantic wingspan eclipse the passing diver, schools of dolphin dance along the surf, sharks seemingly at every turn and humpback whales thrill the lucky spectators in their annual parade.

Diving Around Tahiti Nui and Tahiti Iti

The many sites around the island of Tahiti are perfect for both beginning and advanced divers. Highlights include clear, shallow waters; steep oceanic drop-offs; sunken vessels; walls of bright coral; and schools of smaller species. Although there are fewer larger species here, Tahiti offers excellent variety and density of dive sites.

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Some of the established dive sites around Tahiti Nui include:

The Aquarium
Lagoon dive 10–40 feet
Tahiti’s most popular site and perfect for beginners.
Snorkeling is also enjoyed above the site.

The Wrecks
Lagoon dive 20–70 feet
Dive alongside and within the wrecks of a large cargo ship and a Catalina flying boat airplane. Also called "Cargo Ship & the Catalina."

Papa Whisky
Ocean dive 30–150 feet
Glide down the reef walls of a large amphitheatre with an escort of schools of damselfish.

St. Etienne Drop--Off
Ocean dive 30–150 feet
Glide into a deep blue abyss alive with bright small fish species, moray eels,
and madrepores.

Fresh Water Springs
Ocean dive 20–90 feet
Explore underwater springs bubbling up from the ocean floor. Also called "the Spring."

Some of the established dive sites around Tahiti Iti include:

Tetopa Grotto
Ocean dive 10–30 feet
Dramatic dive among caverns of lobster, crabs, coral, and pufferfish.

The Marado
Ocean dive 60–140 feet
Glide down the sheer outer reef wall covered with beautiful gorgonians.

Lagoon Hole
Lagoon dive 30–90 feet
A basin inside the lagoon is alive with leopard rays, triggerfish, reef shark, and coral bommies.

Dive operators are located in some resorts around Papeete and in Punaauia and Taravao.

Diving in Tahiti, by Tahiti Tourisme

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