Moorea Activities and Sites


Moorea offers drama and adventure:

  • Discovery of the peaceful circle-island road dotted with fruit-tasting stops, pineapple fields, quiet beaches, and unique shopping experiences.
  • Enchantment from the dramatic landscape of bright-green valleys encircled by the sentinel-like mountain ridges.
  • Excitement of the liquid playground with warm lagoon waters for snorkeling, jetskiing, canoeing, and diving.
  • Discovery of the many shops featuring "made in Moorea" products.
  • Enjoyment of the surprising number of fine-dining restaurants within the resorts and in small villages that line the shores
  • Exploration of the historic sites hidden under a canopy of lush forests
  • Relaxation in the majestic setting of the resorts and their Polynesian spas.
Some of the most popular activities and sites include:

Snorkeling Heaven
Because of the lack of strong currents, and the abundant marine life, the shallow waters around Moorea are ideal for year-round snorkeling. All ages can enjoy dozens of perfect snorkeling spots close to the resorts and around the island. Local guides will take you to snorkel among schools of gentle rays.

The fertile valleys are home to plantations of cotton, coffee, sugarcane, and pineapple. Considered by many to be the sweetest tasting pineapple on earth, Moorea's harvest can be enjoyed at village stores, road-side stands, or the tasting counter of the delightful fruit-juice factory.

Mountain Exploration
The majestic mountains are fully accessible to everyone. By air, helicopter tours fly into canyons and along ridge tops. By road, a 4x4 ventures past plantations, across streams, into deep valleys, and up to waterfalls. By foot, guided hikes of all levels follow winding rainforest trails and up to high mountain overlooks.

Belvedere Overlook
Moorea's most spectacular sites are seen from this easily reached overlook. Located in the center of the island, visitors marvel at the panoramic views
of the twin bays and the plantations of Opunohu Valley. The overlook is a popular stop on circle-island or 4x4 tours.

Swimming with the Dolphins
Encounters with the ocean's friendliest residents are waiting at Moorea Dolphin Center at the InterContinental Resort Moorea. Here, adults swim side by side with dolphins, while children wade in the waters with them. For an educational excursion, expert guides lead dolphin-watching boat tours into the ocean to observe them in their native habitat as well.

Some of the finest diving in the world can be found at Moorea-year round.
The drama of Moorea's landscape continues below the sea with an infinite range of canyons, chasms, and promontories. Fish feeding is common here so divers are often surrounded by schools of small and large marine life.

Moorea has always provided visitors with a natural high, but parasailing lets you soar to literal new heights. Pulled by a 28 ft. boat, you can ascend as high as 300 feet over Moorea's glistening lagoon.

Fruit Juice Factory Tastings
Visitors enjoy a pleasant stop along the shores of Cook's Bay at the Fruit Juice Factory for shopping and tastings of juices and liquors made from island-grown fruits.

Papetoai Village
History buffs will want to make a stop at the historic octagonal church located in the northern coastal village of Papetoai. Established by the London Missionary Society in 1822, the church is the oldest European building in use in the South Pacific.

Other activities and sites on Moorea include:

  • Shark and Ray Feeding.
  • Tiki Theatre Village.
  • Open-ocean dolphin and whale watching.
  • Underwater diving helmets.
  • Paopao & Opunohu Valley tours.
  • Semi-sub underwater tours.
  • Shopping at Le Petit Village and island boutiques and art galleries.
  • Lagoon explorations by boat, jetski, pedal boat, kayak, or parasail.
  • Circle-island self drive to explore villages, shops, and ancient sites.
  • Deep sea fishing.
  • Guided hiking trips to mountain overlooks and waterfalls.

Guided or self-guided itineraries including these and other sites
can be reserved or planned by your travel arranger before you travel or at the activities desk of your resort or cruise ship.

Activities in Moorea

Culture - Tahitian Wineries and Farm Visits
La Maison De La Nature Du Mou'A Roa  (689)
Usine De Jus De Fruits De Moorea & Manutea Tahiti  (689)

Land Activities - 4WD safari
Albert Safari Tours  (689) /
Ranch Opunohu Valley  (689) /

Land Activities - Golf
Moorea Green Pearl Golf Course Polynesia  (689)

Land Activities - Guided Tours
Albert Transport  (689) /
Moorea Explorer  (689) /
Tahiti Expeditions  (689)
Tearaitua Transport  (689) 40 56 41 07 / (689) 87 74 60 21
Torea Nui Transports  (689)

Land Activities - Hiking
Randonnée Pacifique  (689) 40 56 48 77 / (689) 87 70 56 18

Land Activities - Hiking
Hiking Discovery  (689) /
Hiro Hiking Moorea  (689)
Polynesian Adventure  (689) /
Tahiti Évasion  (689)

Land Activities - Quad Bike Tours
Atv Fun Tours  (689) /
Dammon'S Atv Tour  (689) / (689)
Rando Quad / Atv Moorea Tours  (689)

Nautical Activities - Deep-Sea Fishing
Tea Nui Services  (689)

Nautical Activities - Diving Centers
Dive Tahiti Blue  (689) 89 300 883 / USA (310) 464-1490
Ia Ora Diving  (689) /
Moorea Blue Diving Center  (689) /
Moorea Fun Dive  (689)
Scubapiti  (689) /
TOPDIVE Moorea  (689) /

Nautical Activities - Eco Tours
Dolphins & Whales Excursions  (689) / (689)
Moorea Dolphin Center  (689)
Moorea Éco-Tours  (689)
Tahiti Expeditions  (689)
Tahiti Private Expeditions  (689) / (689)

Nautical Activities - Glass Bottom Boat Excursions
Moorea Adventure  (310) 464-1490

Nautical Activities - Helmet Dive
Aquablue  (689)

Nautical Activities - Jet-Ski
Mahana Wave Runner  (689)
Moorea Best Activities  (689)

Nautical Activities - Kayak Excursions
Tahiti Expeditions  (689)

Nautical Activities - Lagoon & Coral Reef Pass Excursions
Moana Lagoon Safari  (689) /
Moorea Adventure  (310) 464-1490
Moorea Boat Tours  (689)
Moorea Dolphin Expedition  (689) /
Moorea Mahana Tours  (689)
What To Do On Moorea Tours  (689) / (689)

Nautical Activities - Lagoon Cruises
Lagoon Games Polynesia  (689)
Moorea Adventure  (310) 464-1490 / (689)

Nautical Activities - Marinas
Marina De Vaiare Rattachée Au Port Autonome De Papeete  (689) /

Nautical Activities - Motor Boat Rentals
Lagoon Games Polynesia  (689)
Moorea Catajet  (689)

Nautical Activities - Nautical Activity Centers
Intercontinental Moorea Resort And Spa  (689)
› Tip Nautic (689)

Nautical Activities - Private Excursions
Moorea Adventure  (310) 464-1490 / (689)

Nautical Activities - Surfing / Kitesurfing / Windsurfing
Lakana Fly  (689)

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