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For the visitor to Raiatea, the legends of this ancient land add fascination to every activity:

  • Discovery of the sacred Mt. Temehani Plateau by foot, horseback, or 4x4 excursion.
  • Exploration by canoe of the Faaroa River and to the ancient and sacred complex of the legendary Taputapuatea.
  • Freedom of chartering a yacht in some of the most famous sailing waters in the world.
  • Enchantment from the people and their villages while touring the by bus.
  • Adventure into the clear waters with day- or night-time dives.
  • Enjoyment of the ambience of the smaller resort atmosphere.

Some of the most popular activities for visitors include:

Island Exploration
By car or bus tour, drive along the quiet circle-island roads and stop at the villages and peaceful shores. By boat, cruise within bays dotted with pearl farms or come ashore on a tiny motu. By foot, follow a guide along ancient footpaths including a trek to the Temehani Plateau and to the slopes of Mount Temehani to see the opening of the Tiare Apetahi flowers.

Sail Boat Charter
Many of the largest sail boat charter companies in the world are located on Raiatea. Here, yachts are launched for voyages among the Society and Tuamotu Archipelagos where passengers enjoy the steady trade winds, temperate climate, and the hundreds of dramatic anchorages around each of the islands.

Faaroa River Trip
Winding through a lush rain forest, the Faaroa River is the only navigable river in Polynesia. These historic waters launched migratory journeys to faraway islands now called Hawaii and New Zealand. Powered outrigger canoes provide a comfortable and unique way to enter the river and explore the coast.

Marae Exploration
The most sacred and best-preserved historical site in Polynesia is Raiatea's Taputapuatea. Now considered a national monument, this immense archaeological area is easily explored by foot and includes dozens of marae and shrines.

A favorite of all divers, the shared lagoon between the islands is rich with numbers of sites and in variety including landscapes of sea mounts, caverns, drop-offs, and famous wrecks.

The calm and secluded lagoon is home to a wide variety of reef fish and plant life. Since fish-feeding is practiced, the lagoon attracts large schools of eels, perches, triggerfish, red snappers, silver jacks, tunas, red runners, and reef sharks.

Picnic on Your Own Island
Dozens of tiny motu surround these islands and many are available for half- or full-day use for couples or groups. Most islands can be circled in a few minutes by foot and are the perfect spot to picnic under a coconut tree, snorkel around the island, or relax with a book.

Village Hopping and Shopping

On Raiatea, the villages are also tiny so the best shopping is found in Utoroa, the only town of size on either island, where many quaint shops and markets line the newly renovated waterfront area with art, crafts, and collectibles from local artisans.

Other activities and sites on Raiatea include:

  • Guided hike to the slopes of Mount Temahani.
  • 4X4 Safaris to explore the remote interior roads and coastal villages.
  • Vanilla plantations and family-owned pearl farms.
  • Lagoon excursions by powered outrigger canoe, glass-bottomed boat, motor boat, kayak, or jetskiing.
  • Circle-island tours by bus or private car.
  • Deep-sea fishing.
  • Shopping on the waterfront in the village of Uturoa.
  • Botanical gardens.
  • Sea turtle preserve.
  • Snorkeling excursions around the islands and motu.

Guided or self-guided itineraries including these and other sites can be reserved or planned by your travel arranger before you travel or at the activities desk of your resort or cruise ship.

Activities in Raiatea

Culture - Parks and Gardens
La Maison de la Vanille  (689) /

Culture - Pearl Farms
Anapa Pearls  (689)
Tahi Perles  (689) /
Vairua Perles  (689) /

Land Activities - 4WD safari
Jeep Safari Raiatea  (689) /

Land Activities - Golf
The Mini Golf & Practice of Vaiorie  (689) / (689)

Land Activities - Guided Tours
Trucky Tour  (689) / (689)

Land Activities - Hiking
Raiatea Randonnee  (689) / (689)

Nautical Activities - Diving Centers
Hemisphère Sub Plongee  (689) / (689)
Polynésie Croisière  (689)
Te Mara Nui Plongée  (689) / (689)

Nautical Activities - Kayak Excursions
Lagon Aventure  (689)

Nautical Activities - Lagoon & Coral Reef Pass Excursions
› Faaroa Tours (689) / (689)
L'Excursion Bleue  (689) / (689)
Manava Excursions  (689)
Mata Tours Raiatea  (689) /
West Coast Charters  (689) /

Nautical Activities - Lagoon Cruises
Catamaran Tane Charter  (689)

Nautical Activities - Marinas
Marina of Apooiti  (689)
Marina Station of Uturoa  (689) / (689)

Nautical Activities - Nautical Activity Centers
Lagon Aventure  (689)
Raiatea Yacht Club  (689) / (689)

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