Rangiroa Activities and Sites


For the visitor, the seclusion and serenity of Rangiroa brings an infinite world of colors and sites to your senses.

  • Discovery of some of the world’s best diving sites.
  • Exploration of the lagoon waters with 150-foot visibility aboard a canoe, glass-bottomed boat, or while snorkeling in the coral gardens and fish preserves.
  • Enchantment from strolling within the charming and peaceful villages.
  • Enjoyment of touring one of the many working pearl farms.
  • Relaxation at the resorts hidden along one of the endless beaches.

Some of the most popular activities and sites for visitors include:

Diving in the Atolls
To “shoot the pass” is to experience what many have called “the world’s greatest adrenaline rush!” Divers, snorkelers, and even those aboard a glass-bottomed boat are carried in a rush of water between the ocean and lagoon surrounded by seemingly millions of fish. Outside the reefs is a breathtaking array of large species along the walls of the drop-offs, including squadrons of eagle rays and schools of sharks and tuna.

Rangiroa's lagoon carries an astounding assortment of marine life, which makes it a prime spot for snorkeling. L'Ile aux Recifs Beach, Papiro Point and the Mahuta area are all known for their superb snorkeling. However, you don't have to go anywhere in particular to snorkel on the atoll of Rangiroa. Just grab your mask and fins, walk out the front door of your hotel and jump in!

Lagoon Excursions
Enjoy a day excursion to Rangiroa's nearby islets, explore the lagoons, the Blue Lagoon, the bird sanctuary, or to watch the dolphins frolicking at Tiputa Pass.

Pearl Farm Visits
Some of the most fantastic Tahitian Pearls are produced in the lagoon of Rangiroa.  On the island, you can visit one of the largest pearl farms of French Polynesia.  When visiting a pearl farm, you will have the opportunity to witness how the pearls are grafted and harvested, learning all the secrets of the cultivation of this mysterious gem.

Rangiroa boasts such an abundance of white sand, the atoll can be described as one big beach. That said, Rangiroa does have its share of officially-designated beach areas. Blue Lagoon Motu is perhaps the most popular of the beaches here. Tiputa Point has a wonderful vista point that doubles as a picnic area, while L'ile Aux Recifs is noted for its fossilized coral formations.

Avatoru and Tiputa
The majority of Rangiroa's residents live in these two villages. Located on the western end of a string of connected islands, Avatoru is where you'll find most of the island's businesses, hotels, shops and banks. Rangiroa's airport is also located here. Tiputa is a 45-minute boat ride from Avatoru. Though both communities boast a similar number of government agencies, Tiputa is the main administrative community, with an infirmary, post office and town hall.

Other Activities include:

  • Deep Sea Fishing
  • Parasailing
  • Kayaking
  • Water skiing

Guided or self-guided itineraries including these and other sites
can be reserved or planned by your travel arranger before you travel or at the activities desk of your resort or cruise ship.

Activities in Rangiroa

Culture - Pearl Farms
Gauguin'S Pearl  (689) / (689)

Culture - Tahitian Wineries and Farm Visits
Vin de Tahiti  (689) 40.46 35 10

Nautical Activities - Diving Centers
Eleuthera Rangiroa  (689) /
Raie Manta Club Rangiroa  (689) /
The Six Passengers  (689) /
TOPDIVE Rangiroa  (689) /

Nautical Activities - Eco Tours
Groupe d'Etudes des Mammifères Marins  (689)

Nautical Activities - Glass Bottom Boat Excursions
› Matahi Excursions (689) /(689) /

Nautical Activities - Lagoon & Coral Reef Pass Excursions
Maurice Taxi Boat  (689) / (689)
Oviri Excursions  (689)
Pa'ati Excursions  (689) / (689)
Ragi Excursions  (689) / (689) /
Te Reva Tane E Vahine  (689) / (689)

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