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Dining on the Island of Tahiti

Supplied by a daily bounty of fresh fish and fruits, Tahiti is replete with many fine restaurants in and around Papeete. Several resorts regularly host Tahitian feasts with spectacular music and dance shows. These events can be reserved in advance by your preferred travel professional or at your resort on arrival.

Resort restaurants include:
The elegant Le Lotus at the InterContinental Resort Tahiti; La Plantation at Le Meridien Tahiti; Moevai and the famous Quinn's Bar at Sheraton Hotel Tahiti; Hiti Mahana at Radisson Plaza; and Le Bougainville and Le Sakura at Sofitel Tahiti Resort.

A sampling of popular local restaurants includes:
Casablanca with a blending of French and Tahitian cooking styles; Lou Pescadou with the best of Italian pizzas and pasta; The Mango Cafe specializes in Polynesian-French fusion offered in a chic, art nouveau atmosphere. Don't forget dessert! Auberge du Pacific alongside the lagoon and Captain Bligh near the Lagoonarium. Other popular choices among locals and visitors alike include alike include Coco's, Lion d'Or, Vaitiare, Morrison's Café, Moana Iti, Le Cigalon, L'O a la Bouche, L'Apizzeria, La Romana, Jack Lobster and Le Belvèdere with views of the city.

Papeete evening highlight:
Enjoy a unique and informal dinner or a memorable post-dinner dessert at Vai'ete Square. Here, dozens of colorful roulottes, or food wagons, host a great variety of island cuisine and desserts. The boardwalk atmosphere is an informal and lively destination not to be missed.

Restaurants in Tahiti

Restaurants - Asian Cuisine
Aux Deux Dragons  (689)
Chez Jeannine (Pension)  (689)
Chez Jimmy  (689)
› Comptoir D'Asie (689)
La Saigonnaise  (689)
› Le Cheval D'Or (689)
› Le Dahlia (689)
Le Feng Shui  (689)
Le Mandarin  (689)
› Linda (689) /
› Ocean (689)
› Pitate Mamao (689)
Sushi Bar  (689)
Te Hoa Pirae  (689)
› Tiare Anani (689)

Restaurants - French & International Cuisine
› Au Piment Rouge (689)
Blue Banana  (689)
Cafe Koké  (689)
Chez Loula & Remy  (689)
› Chez Myriam (689) /
Chez Remy  (689)
Coco'S  (689)
Hiti Mahana  (689)
Hui Popo Club House  (689)
› La Brasserie Des Remparts (689)
La Corbeille D'Eau  (689)
La Petite Auberge  (689)
La Plage De Maui  (689) /
La Plantation  (689)
› La Saladelle (689)
La Villa Tahiti  (689)
› L'Agora (689)
Le Barramundi  (689)
› Le Bouchon Lyonnais (689)
› Le Captain Bligh (689)
Le Carre  (689)
Le Casa Bianca  (689)
Le Cigalon  (689)
› Le Grillardin (689)
Le Lion D'Or  (689)
Le Lotus  (689)
Le Manava Café  (689)
› Le Manukau (689)
Le Montana  (689)
› Le Rétro (689)
Le Royal Tahitien  (689)
Le Zen Café  (689)
L'Eden Park  (689)
Les 3 Brasseurs  (689)
› L'Excuse (689)
L'O A La Bouche  (689)
L'Oasis Du Vaima  (689)
Lycée Hôtelier De Tahiti  (689) /
Mango Cafe  (689)
Moon Ray  (689)
Morrison'S Cafe  (689)
Ô Restaurant  (689) /
Pink Coconut  (689)
› Restaurant La Romana (689)
› Restaurant Musee Gauguin (689)
Restaurant Patachoux  (689)
Restaurant Star Studio  (689)
Restaurant Taumatai  (689)
Restaurant Terre-Mer  (689)
Restaurant Ute Ute  (689)
Restaurant Velvet  (689)
› Restaurant-Snack Du Jardin Botanique (689)
› Royal Kikiriri (689)
Tiare  (689)
Vahinerii Tea House  (689)
West Coast  (689)
› White Restaurant (689)

Restaurants - Italian Cuisine
Coté Jardin  (689) /
› La Squadra (689)
L'Api'Zzeria  (689)
› Lou Pescadou (689)

Restaurants - Local Cuisine
› Market Coffee (689)

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